My Tips to Overcome Your Fears Once & For All


Share your fears with us and enjoy the freedom that comes from calling them out!

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  1. Donovan says:

    That was great Alycia! I enjoyed both your vlogs very much. I’d say I have two major fears: of intimacy and of really showing up. Next step I guess is to really show up, and choose to be in relationship! It is amazing to me how fear can disguise itself as good reasons to not do a thing, that it won’t work anyway, I should really be doing something else, etc. No doubt that is why we have life coaches, mentors and guides!

    • Alycia Hall says:

      Thanks Donovan for your message! Yes those are very common fears for most people.. The trick is to just be aware of them and have the intention to face them whenever the opportunity arises. Good luck!

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