Health & Wellness Workshops


What? Develop the tools needed for health wellness effortlessly. Click wellness workshops for more information.
When? 2011 series is completed, stay tuned for 2013!
Where? in Vancouver, BC
Cost? $15


As a Life Coach I offer workshops on a variety of topics on life balance, wellness, healthy habits, stress reduction, time management and goal setting. See below for a complete list:

    • Introduction to Life Coaching – How to Be Your Own Life Coach
    • Effortless Health Wellness- Achieving Zen Has Never Been So Simple
    • Work/Life Balance – How to Stay Organized in the Chaos
    • Freedom from Limitations – Turn All Challenges into Opportunities
    • Mind Fitness – Mindfulness Training for the Overactive Mind
    • Stress Busters – Simple Tools to Overcome Burnout

Choose from the topics above or have a talk customized specifically for your team.  Please contact me for more information and pricing details.

Corporate clients:

I have customized workshops for a variety of companies in both the private and public sector.  To maintain their privacy I do not list them here but offer references upon request.



“Thank you so much for the conducting the meditation class at the YWCA.  I really appreciate having had this opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed every moment.  In our busy lives we sometimes neglect and forget to take a moment for ourselves.  This was an eye opener for me.  I have tried meditation in the past and haven’t enjoy the experience, but your workshop was fantastic!  I’m a new fan of meditation!”  Jen D.

“I was quite impressed by the room set up, it was very inviting and made me feel comfortable.  I have started to use some of the meditation techniques in my everyday life and it is helping me deal with stress a lot better.”  Joanne B

“I found the workshop and the course leader excellent.  I came away very relaxed and ready to tackle the afternoon.  It showed me how to relax and rejuvenate during the day.” John L.