A guided meditation

A guided meditation into the shadowsI wanted to give you a special holiday gift.  It’s a 15 minute guided meditation on how to work with difficult emotions or sensations.

It’s not because I’m obsessed with feeling bad, I know if we don’t face these things directly they end up wreaking havoc in our lives.  Ignoring them does not make them go away, in fact it makes them stronger.  This meditation will help you shine light in the darkest parts of yourself so you can feel more free and more alive!

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  1. domain ip says:

    I so needed this meditation, right now. A colleague of mine just invited me to apply for a job that just came open . . . one that I’ve dreamed of having. In the several days since she told me about the position, I have gone from complete euphoria to panic. Even this morning, while sitting at my table trying to compile my resume, I’m awash in worry about how this job will impact me and my family. When I started this meditation, I relaxed back into my chair. During the visualization, I felt intense pressure pain, zeroed in on my chest, right at my heart. When I followed the sensations out from there, they went to behind my eyes. The pressure, there, was about half of what my heart was feeling. As the meditation continued, and as I began watching that/those sensation(s), it was as if they began to dissipate–little by little, gradually giving way for calmness. Right now I’m feeling most grateful to you, Alycia. Thank you for this. 🙂

  2. domain ip says:

    Hi Alicia,
    I always enjoy your posts, and this one is outstanding. Meditation
    is so powerful in its subtle way. You are really good at this, I hope you continue to make more recordings. I will definitely use this one a lot.

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