Do You Want To Win Free Coaching?

It’s contest time!

I’m feeling like giving something away this week!  Yay.  If you want to win a free 60 minute coaching call please send me the answer to these 2 questions …

Where do you want to be 6 months from now?

How can coaching support you to get there?


Email me the answers before Monday January 23rd and I will pick 3 lucky winners!
PS: Extra points go to those who also mention WHY they want to achieve their goal.
Good luck!

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  1. heather says:

    6 months from now I want to be head first balls against the wall in my career. I want the fear and hesitation to be (almost) absent leaving enough excitement to keep the fire under my ass burning!

    Coaching support can absolutely help me get there as I work for myself… alone.. (it gets lonely) and with someone there to motivate me and help open my eyes towards the way I can run around the hurdles I’m facing (I like short cuts) I feel like the sky is the limit~!

    Why do I want to achieve my goal? I refuse to give up. Every single person in my life has told me to stop shooting for the stars and be happy with what I have… basically to be complacent and comfortable. I won’t!

  2. alicia marreiros says:

    Where do i want to be in6mos? i want to be happy so i can be the best version of ME 🙂 maybe coaching can help me reach this goal by helping me see why i do what i do…and if i should really be doing that… 🙂

  3. Bev Ndukwu says:

    1) 6mths from now i would LOVE to be the REAL me. The best me I can be and in touch with both myself and my life

    2)I think coaching would help me get there by giving me that extra push and inspiration to achieve my goals in life. Cant help but feel like im running on E and i need to be Filled up with pointed in the right direction to continue to be the independent, and strong woman i know i can be.

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