A Shamanic Journey to Lightning

It was mid-day when I lay down in my Balinese home.  The day was cool and wet and I had no desire to venture outside.  I did what I had done so many times before: lie down, close my eyes and prepare for my journey.  It was what shamanic healers call ‘journeying’ but to me it was just a natural way to spend time.  This process was something that felt familiar even though I had no training or real knowledge about it.  I was told later that I had a past life as a shamanic healer in Peru; I don’t have any memory of it but it does makes sense.

I lay down to connect with my spirit guide who took me to a place that only I go.  I ended up in a strange world where darkness filled every space.  It was like I was on the moon but it was empty and still.  I can still hear the crunching on the floor as I walk along that barren land.  All of a sudden a flash appeared next to my face then another and another.  The flash looked like a face of a man which resembled an ancient mask.  His face kept appearing and disappearing around my head.  I asked this entity, ‘Are you trying to annoy me?’  No response.  ‘What is your name?’  I asked.  ‘They call me Lightning’, he replied as he flashed around my face.   I eventually left that place with my spirit guide.

My journey felt complete as I said good-by to my spirit guide and came back to my cool, damp Balinese room.  I opened my eyes to stare at the ceiling and ponder what had just happened.  In an instant the room flashed with an intense white light and was followed by a thunderous roar.  I have never been in such a powerful lightning storm in my life and it lasted for hours.  I smiled to myself as the light filled my room through the night… hello again Lightning.

The veils between worlds are thin if we are open to walking through them.

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